Special thanks to all of our amazing customers and staff for a great summer! We are now closed for the 2021 season. See you next year!

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Boat to Table

Know the Source, Taste the Difference

Let us ask you a question.. Do you believe that there is a distinguishable difference in taste between local food and outsourced food? 

Well here at Hooked Up Seafood we testify that fresh local food has a noticeable difference in taste and that’s why we take pride in knowing the source of all of our products. Everyone should know where their food comes from and how it’s been harvested and handled. That’s why we’re here to help with the release of our new mini series Boat to Table. We want you to appreciate Jersey Fresh like we do. 

Throughout these videos, we want to highlight that the seafood is accurately sourced, sustainably caught, and quickly transported. This method causes the seafood to retain its freshness which ensures that our customers receive the highest quality seafood.

Fresh at its Best

Whether you’re a crab lover or a fish taco fan, savor some of summer’s best flavors with one of our dishes prepared just for you.


Our Story

It’s all about knowing where your food comes from. Learn the importance of eating  locally and taste the difference.

About Us

Good Times

We believe that good food has the the power to bring everyone together. Grab your gang and come join us dockside for fun times & good memories.


Since 1993

It’s a Family Thing

After spending years at sea catching fish, Captain Bill started missing his family more and more. He was looking for something to do with his four kids that would keep them together and teach them valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their life.

As a family, The Bright’s came up with the idea of Hooked Up Seafood. Captain Bill’s fishing boat,  Defiance,  was already part of an intricate network selling high quality seafood from New York all the way to Tokyo. Hooked Up Seafood gave Bill the opportunity to share his fishing stories as well as educate customers on the origin of fresh seafood.

Now 8 years later, The Bright family is still proud to feature the freshest fish, the best local produce, and a friendly & welcoming atmosphere. Nothing makes them happier than fresh seafood, simply prepared, and smiling customers.