The Indigenous Blue Claw Crab

The most delicious & well known crustacean: The Blue Claw Crab

Kirk Gerbereux, as discussed in the previous video, is a commercial fisherman in Southern New Jersey that leaves the dock from Bidwell Creek and operates in the Delaware Bay. Gerbereux and his vessel, the Pogy, contribute to the local seafood industry right here in South Jersey. As previously stated, Bunker (Atlantic Menhaden) is harvested for multiple reasons. However, in order to bring our story full circle we want to highlight the fact that Bunker is primarily used for bait. In this instance, Gerbereux uses his legally harvested Bunker in his own crabbing operation. Gerbereux baits his crab taps with this Atlantic Menhaden. 

Commercial Crabbers rely on a string of large crab traps for their harvest. Baited with fresh Bunker the traps attract Blue Claw Crabs of all sizes.  Commercial Crabbers tend their large number of pots every day, weather permitting. Each and every pot is brought up to the boat, dumped on the sorting table, rebatied and then thrown back in. Based on the crab’s size, it is either thrown back if it is too small or kept if it meets the size restrictions. If it is large enough, size restrictions determine whether it becomes a number 1 or number 2.  Kirk is one of the many local crabbers that we get our fresh blue claws from each and every day.

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